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Tomorrow’s cancer treatment, today.

We don’t know about you,

but we’re done with cancer.

Done with it taking away the people we love.

Done with the pain and fear it causes.

Done with its horrible treatment options.



On 21 April 2018, my dad rang me to say mum wasn’t feeling very well. Her kidney wasn’t working properly, so she had it removed on 1 May.


On 14 May I went to see her recovering in bed at home. Trying to make her laugh, as I left I said, ‘Big plans this week?’


‘Oh yes, big plans.’ She laughed.


Her plan that week, as it turned out, was to find out that her 'dodgy kidney' was actually cancer. By the time we found it, it had spread all over her body.


She died on 23 May, 32 days after she first felt ill. 

Ours is not a unique story. Cancer is brutal in its speed and aggression, and we want to help create better options

for treatment.


That’s why we’re raising money for immunotherapy research at the UCL Cancer Institute. 


We’ve got big plans to do so. Please follow our social media feeds to find out more. Thank you for your support.

Imogen Beecroft

Founder, Cancer. We're done.  

My Story

Cancer research and treatments have come a long way. 


In the 1970s, 1 in 4 cancer patients survived. Today, 2 in 4 do. By 2034, that number should be 3 in 4. 


There is no question that we are on the right track. However, cancer treatment is still an incredibly painful, lengthy and draining process. Cancer patients often undertake a combination of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, each of which present their own challenges. 

Immunotherapy could change this. 

Immunotherapy uses the immune system - the part of the body which protects you against bugs (a technical term) - to fight cancer. By helping the immune system recognise and attack cancer cells, it's possible to create more powerful, targeted and long-lasting treatments, which can be applied to nearly all types of cancers. 


Immunotherapy has the potential to be the most powerful and effective form of cancer treatment. A future where immunotherapy replaces traditional chemotherapies looks ever more likely. Our funding will support a team at the UCL Cancer Institute to further their work developing immunotherapy treatments for cancer patients who have exhausted all other options.


The team, led by Dr Martin Pule and Dr Claire Roddie, are conducting groundbreaking research into CAR-T cell therapy, a type of immunotherapy. Their work in this area has already seen phenomenal results with blood cancers: in some studies, over 50% of children / young adults with leukaemia are ‘cured’ by a single dose.


They want to take this further and test their belief that CAR-T cell therapy can work on solid cancers. Our funding will help them do this, first on liver cancers.


All of these products are ethically sourced, which means the companies that provided them are authorised by either the Fairtrade or Fairwear organisations. They're also made of organic cotton, so you get a soft cosy t-shirt AND the moral high ground. What's not to love? 


Unfortunately, we know this means they're probably a little more expensive than a normal t-shirt. As a fundraising organisation we were definitely tempted to cut corners and keep prices low. But we decided a positive environmental stance was worth the slightly higher cost. We hope you agree. 100% of proceeds go to charity. 

T Shirts
Cancer. we're done.
Are you?

Whatever your reasoning, however big or small, we’d love to hear why you’re done with cancer. Please send a photo like the above telling us your reason to and we’ll feature you on our social media. Or just get in touch, we love to chat.


Thank you!

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